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AvantCredit_Charles Whittaker Q and A Photo

Meet the Avantee: Charles Whittaker

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At AvantCredit, we have the tremendous opportunity to work with professionals from a variety of backgrounds ranging from finance to marketing to data to technology. In the talent pool here, there are entrepreneurs of all sorts…

AvantCredit Lend Money

6 Reasons You Should Never Lend Money to Anyone

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Some people feel friendship and money don’t mix, and if you want to protect a relationship, don’t lend money to anyone. Of course, this is easier said than done. It’s hard to turn our backs…

AvantCredit happier at work

9 Tips for Being Happier at Work

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Some people love their job. They have the best boss, the best coworkers, and they can’t imagine working anywhere else. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for a lot of people. And if your job zaps…

4 Money Lies That Can Hurt Your Relationship

4 Money Lies That Can Hurt Your Relationship

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If you’re in a relationship, you want a strong, tight bond. This contributes to your happiness and helps the union endure life’s ups and downs. Of all the things that can potentially hurt your relationship,…

Wallet Filled with Credit Cards

6 Types of People Who Shouldn’t Have a Credit Card

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A credit card can be a friend in your time of need, or your worst enemy — it really depends on how you use it. Some people feel it’s smart to have an emergency credit…

avantcredit_A Low-Cost Valentine’s Day_the thinking closet

5 Ways to Have A Low-Cost Valentine’s Day

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The National Retail Federation, after surveying more than 6,000 Americans, found that the average consumer plans to spend around $142.31 on his or her Valentine. If you haven’t planned for that expense, as noted by…

AvantCredit_4 Tricks to Live Off Half Your Income and Save More_1

4 Tricks to Live Off Half Your Income and Save More

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In the past year or so I’ve read a handful of articles about people living off half their income. You might say that’s impossible, but there are plenty of determined people who make it work….

AvantCredi Al Goldstein and Executive team

Tips for Entrepreneurs from AvantCredit CEO and Co-Founder Al Goldstein

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AvantCredit’s CEO, Al Goldstein, who has started three successful companies, often serves as a mentor for many young or first-time entrepreneurs, a role he’s embraced since founding Startup incubator Catapult at the University of Illinois….


Q & A with AvantCredit’s CFO, Suk Shah

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The AvantCredit team is made up of people with diverse and interesting backgrounds, whose different talents help AvantCredit become the digital lender for the everyday consumer. We sat down with the company’s CFO, Suk Shah,…